Rental Details and Contact Form

Rental details are simple.

  1. I like long-term, stable renters who will care for their apartment properly.  That’s why I like a 1-year lease, though I am willing to work with stable renters.
  2. I prefer first and last month’s rent plus a (returnable) cleaning/damage deposit on move-in.
  3. Rent is due on the first of each month.
  4. I prefer non-smokers, as it minimizes clean-up costs. Smokers will need to leave a larger cleaning/damage deposit.
  5. Pets and children are fine.
  6. Residential use only.
  7. Renter pays for electricity, gas, and trash pickup. Landlord pays for water.  (This is to encourage you to water the yard and plants.)
  8. I welcome sustainable gardening, if desired. Please check with me first about your gardening ideas.
  9. I want to be notified when something needs fixing. Either I or my property manager will fix it as soon as possible.

Fill out the form if you are interested in renting an available unit.

(The property is not for sale.)